Event Date Result

Gouesnou Cyclocross 12-Jan Matthieu Boulo, 1st
Lanarvily Cyclocross 19-Jan Matthieu Boulo, 3rd
Tour of the Mediterranean stage 1 13-Feb Matthieu Boulo, 65th
Tour of the Mediterranean stage 2 14-Feb Matthieu Boulo, 34th
Tour of the Mediterranean stage 3 15-Feb Ian Wilkinson, 16th
Tour of the Mediterranean stage 4 15-Feb Matthieu Boulo, 91st
Tour of the Mediterranean stage 5 16-Feb Matthieu Boulo, 32nd
Tour Haut Var stage 1 22-Feb Matthieu Boulo, 23rd
Tour Haut Var stage 2 23-Feb Mark Christian, 9th
Eddie Soens Memorial Race 01-Mar Ian Wilkinson, 1st
Severn Bridge RR 02-Mar Alexandre Blain, 1st
Jock Wadley RR 09-Mar Yanto Barker, 4th
Evesham Vale RR 16-Mar Yanto Barker, 1st; Liam Stones, 2nd; George Atkins, 3rd; Ian Wilkinson, 4th
Tour de Normandie prologue 24-Mar Matthieu Boulo, 7th
Tour de Normandie stage 1 25-Mar Alexandre Blain, 9th; Mark Christian leading Intermediate Sprints competition
Tour de Normandie stage 2 26-Mar Alexandre Blain, 16th
Tour de Normandie stage 3 27-Mar Yanto Barker, 4th
Tour de Normandie stage 4 28-Mar Morgan Kneisky, 5th
Tour de Normandie stage 5 29-Mar Ian Wilkinson, 7th
Tour de Normandie stage 6 30-Mar Matthieu Boulo, 10th
Route Adelie 4-Apr Matthieu Boulo, 7th
Tour of the Reservoir stage 1 12-Apr Yanto Barker, 3rd
Tour of the Reservoir stage 2 13-Apr Evan Oliphant, 1st; Ian Wilkinson, 3rd; Yanto Barker, 3rd (GC)
Autostrasse Road Race 13-Apr Liam Stones, 1st
Abbeygate Summer Series Round 1 18-Apr Liam Stones, 1st
David Campbell Memorial Road Race 27-Apr George Atkins, 1st
Rutland-Melton CiCLE Classic 27-Apr Evan Oliphant, 12th
Wilton GP 4-May Yanto Barker, 4th
Lincoln GP 11-May Yanto Barker, 1st
Tour Series Round 1 13-May Evan Oliphant, 7th
Tour Series Round 2 15-May Team Raleigh, 3rd; Yanto Barker, 9th
Scottish National Championships 18-May Evan Oliphant, 1st
Tour Series Round 3 20-May Yanto Barker, 10th
Tour Series Round 4 23-May Yanto Barker, 7th
Milk Race 25-May Matthieu Boulo, 2nd
Tour Series Round 5 27-May Team Raleigh, 1st; Matthieu Boulo, 3rd;
Tour Series Round 6 29-May Team Raleigh, 1st;
Tour Series Round 7 03-Jun Matthieu Boulo, 1st
Tour Series Round 8 05-Jun Yanto Barker, 8th
IG Markets London Nocturne 08-Jun Morgan Kneisky, 9th
Tour Series Round 9 10-Jun Matthieu Boulo, 7th
Tour Series Round 10 - TT 13-Jun Matthieu Boulo, 1st
Tour Series Round 10 - crit 13-Jun Morgan Kniesky, 2nd
Tour Series Round 12 - road race 15-Jun Yanto Barker, 5th
Newcastle Leazes Crit 20-Jun Matthieu Boulo, 7th
Beaumont Trophy 22-Jun Mark Christian, 2nd
National Elite Road Race Championships 29-Jun Mark Christian, 14th
Otley GP 02-Jul Alexandre Blain, 4th
National Circuit Race Championships 9-Jul George Atkins, 9th
Stockton Festival of Cycling Stockton on Tees 11-Jul George Atkins, 1st; Alexandre Blain Sprint Competition winnner
Stockton Festival of Cycling Stockton on Tees 13-Jul Yanto Barker, 14th
Colne Grand Prix 16-Jul George Atkins, 4th
Beverley Grand Prix 18-Jul Alexandre Blain, 8th
Ryedale Grand Prix 20-Jul Mark Christian, 2nd
Sheffield Grand Prix 23-Jul Alexandre Blain, 6th
Circuit of the Fens 27-Jul Alexandre Blain, 4th
The Wales Open Criterium 30-Jul George Atkins, 2nd; Yanto Barker, 7th
Stafford Kermesse 02-Aug Morgan Kneisky, 1st
Ride London Classic 10-Aug Matthieu Boulo, 26th
Leicester Kermesse 17-Aug George Atkins, 2nd; Ian Wilkinson, 6th

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